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've worked for many years as a freelance illustrator, accepting assignments from the top magazines, newspapers, publishers and other specialized clients from all over the United States, but I've always harbored a love of painting.  Until recently, I just painted for my own pleasure, but I decided in 2011 to offer many of these private works for sale.   My work can now be seen at juried art exhibitions, art fairs and other festival events where I make new friends, gain new collectors and have great conversations about all things art. 

A THANK YOU to all of you who visited my booth along the way during last years' art festival schedule.  I'm looking forward to more great experiences in 2016.

Check out my events page for upcoming shows and gallery exhibitions.

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tAs with last year's paintings, I'm taking some of my inspiration from the look of vintage baseball cards.  I love the multiplicity of designs, the tone and feel of these little masterpieces that originally came included with tobacco products.
My approach will be not merely to slavishly copy from the cards but to create entirely new images using real players from different eras, painted in poses and situations of my own design and create the pictures on large canvases that will give them maximum impact.  My aim is not merely to reproduce existing artworks, but to pay tribute to the form in my own, iconoclastic style.
In addition to the vintage baseball card pictures, I'll be creating other paintings on the baseball theme, a mix of fact and fantasy using elements of "golden era" classic illustration plus my own, modern interpreations.
Double click to edi"t"TINKER TO EVERS TO CHANCE" Giclee Print 10"x20"
Giclee print 10"x20"
Giclee print 11"x14"
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Also, I'll be offering prints of the paintings plus a few specialty prints, all on the baseball theme.
Late in 2014, I introduced a print based on the Beatles' classic "Sgt. Pepper" album.  All the images in the print are baseball-related, from Hall of Fame players to actors in their roles in baseball-themed films.  It has been a great success and I will sell it again in 2017 at art shows and on-line.
"BASEBALL FAMILY PORTRAIT"  Giclee Print 16"x16"   $75
Double click to edit"DODGER BLUES"
                         Giclee Print 16"x20"
Double click to edit"JACKIE ROBINSON BIG LEAGUE" Giclee print 11"x14"
"SATCHEL"  Giclee Print 12"x12"