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DotI'm always working on new paintings and I'll be posting them on this site as they get finished.  I will have many new paintings ready for the 2016 showe season (see events page) Here are a few examples of my latest work.
DLast year, I created a series of "Hall of Fame Quads" for several individual teams who had at least four players enshrined at Cooperstown. In 2017, I began with the Tigers, Indians, Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers, Pirates, Red Sox and the Negro leagues.

This year, I've added the Cubs, Cardinals, Orioles, New York Giants and Phillies.
The style is inspired by 1930's Goudey sets.

The "Quads" are available as a group
( 16"x20" -$75 unframed, $150 Framed)
or as individual prints 11"x14", $35 -unframed , $75 framed).
tI've painted several players of all eras using the early 20th century Cracker Jack card format.  I don't usually do active players, but I have responded to suggestions from my customers - in this case, Yankee AARON JUDGE.
Trompe L'Oeil #2 BOBBLEHEADS
Hall of Fame Quad Chicago Cubs
Grrrr Over Detroit
Wahoo Over Cleveland
Double click to edit"TIGER OVER DETROIT"
                    Giclee Print 16"x20"  - $75
Double click to edit"WAHOO OVER CLEVELAND"
                       Giclee Print 16"x20"  - $75
Mr Redlegs Over Cincinnati
Double click to edit"MR. REDLEGS OVER CINCINNATI"
                       Giclee Print 16"x20"  - $75
There's No Crying In Baseball
Double click to edit"THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL"
                       Giclee Print 11"x14"  - $35
Double click to edit"TROMPE L'OEIL #2 - BOBBLEHEADS"
                       Giclee Print 16"x20"  - $75
Meet The Core 4
Double click to edit"MEET THE CORE FOUR!"
                       Giclee Print 12"x12"  - $35
Cracker Jack Ballplayer Aaron Judge
Double click to edit"JUDGE, YANKEES"
                       Giclee Print 11"x14"  - $35
Double click to edit"BIG RED MACHINE"
                       Giclee Print 12"x12"  - $35
DIn addition to the images displayed here, I have many more available for sale as prints. For information on other prints, please contact me and I can send you images on request.