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DotI'm always working on new paintings and I'll be posting them on this site as they get finished.  I will have many new paintings ready for the 2016 showe season (see events page) Here are a few examples of my latest work.
For a long time, I've been meaning to do something using the alphabet & baseball images.  I finally have one "A Baseball Alphabet" is the result.

I'll be selling the complete set in a 16"x20"
poster-sized, limited-edition print.  The framed version will be $150, unframed, $75.

I'll also be selling the individual letters in one size, limited-edition prints - 11"x14, for $75 framed, $35 unframed.
DIn another variation of my fantasy baseball card designs,  I've developed a series of "Quads", which are basically 4 images of Hall of Fame players from MLB teams.

The style is inspired by 1930's Goudey sets and I've done "Quads" for  the   Red Sox, Indians, Brooklyn Dodgers, Tigers, Pirates and The Negro Leagues.

The "Quads" will be available as a group ( 16"x20" -$75 unframed, $150 Framed) or as individual prints ("16x20" - $75 unframed, $150 framed or 11"x14", unframed $35, $75 framed).
One of the great things about baseball is how vintage players used to do print endorsements to supplement a sometimes meager salary.
In this piece, I imagined if Babe Ruth had endorsed 'Moxie', a regional soft drink from the early 20th century.
Just having a bit of fun with vintage graphics.

This is available as a 16"x20" print - $75 unframed.
A Baseball Alphabet
Hall of Fame Quad - Indians
Babe Ruth Moxie
David Ortiz 1959
Double click to editI've added a few new images to my 1959 Topps-inspired series of paintings.  The new paintings are of Rocky Colavito (a childhood favorite of mine), Jim Thome and (pictured here) David Ortiz.

Ortiz especially was a major request from my patrons last year, and I hope they will like what I've done.
itJust finished, my team  portrait of the 1968 World Series Winners, my hometown Detroit Tigers.  As a kid growing up in Detroit, they were my first champoionship team.